Scandal Spoilers: Welcome, America’s Baby!!!

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February 5, 2013

The twist has arrived, Scandal followers! Mellie has given birth to her ultimate wild card against her husband, Fitz. With this handsome little angel gracing the halls of the oval office, can Fitz still get the upper hand on their derailed marriage? Or is Mellie looking at a free pass to stave off Fitz’ burgeoning desire for Olivia Pope? Weigh-in for your predictions!

Meanhwile, as you contemplate on that, I’m sure you can get a hell-of-an-inspiration with the baby of the hour. Everyone, meet America’s baby — Theodore “Teddy” Wallace Grant! Thanks showrunner S. Rhimes for tweeting this photo!


‘Scandal’ airs every Thursday on ABC.


  • KiaMIA

    Gotta love the humor in that baby introduction card ???