Scandal Spoilers: Steamy Scenes for [SPOILER]?! Plus, Harrison's Beefed-Up Arc Continues

scandal_400Scandal big players Darby Stanchfield and Columbus Short chatted with E! Online at the recent TCA press tour -- where they of course did not fail to tease us with the hotly-awaited return of the political drama's third season (airing on Feb. 27).

From my vantage point, I can assure you Gladiators the that the following sentences you're about to read will upgrade your Scandal addiction to another level. And so without further ado, here are the juicy spoilers:

"The first four episodes are literally, you're going to need respirators. It's crazy," Short teased, while Stanchfield added, "The First Lady has some really good, steamy stuff coming up.

And Harrison [Short], we finally get to see a lot more rollout for him, which is great."

That's right, it's Mellie not Olivia who will get all audacious and sultry this time around. Hm. Looks like this guy sure does know how to make a miserable woman happy.

What's more, a sneak peek for an all new Scandal titled "Ride Sally Ride" has already arrived. Watch it below:

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