Scandal Spoilers: Star previews Olitz' biggest obstacle

Scandal Spoilers: Star previews Olitz' biggest obstacle

Following last week's episode, Scandal star Tony Goldwyn opened up about Olitz and their relationship moving forward. The actor also offered what will Fitz's relationship with Mellie will look like in the coming weeks.

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Goldwyn on Fitz and Olivia's biggest obstacle going forward:

Olivia, in some sense, has become her father – or is heading in that direction.

I think Fitz sees it as like an exorcism he has to perform to get in there. Fitz recognizes that demon, and he’s got to get in there. But I don’t think he knows how. He knows how formidable Olivia is and how resistant she is to his intervention in anything. That’s been an on-going problem, but in this case, it’s an act of love, and it’s going to become his mission, I think.

If I know Fitz, he’ll sacrifice everything for that; he will fall on the sword to save her from herself.


On how his relationship with Mellie will look like now: 

He gave her the 100 days. He was trying to stay out of it. It was very hard for him to stay out of it. It’s been his world for more than eight years, and suddenly now he can’t even participate. It’s hard for him. He and Mellie have a good relationship, but he’s promised to keep his distance.

It’s going to be very problematic when he inserts himself back in, because he’s got to try and find a way to help pull Olivia back from the darkness. Whether Mellie knows it or not, she’s part of that. In terms of his institute and the work he wants to do, Mellie is a potential real ally, but also it’s going to be problematic, because Mellie doesn’t necessarily want Fitz around.

She’s got to be her own president, so it’s going to become complicated in that way.


In other Scandal news, EW reported that one of the series regulars is getting a new love interest this season which will definitely surprise fans. (Hint: it may or may not be Jake Ballard)

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