Scandal Spoilers: Showrunner Talks The Secret Round Table Meeting; Plus, Are Olivia and Fitz Really Over?

Scandal Spoilers: Showrunner Talks The Secret Round Table Meeting; Plus, Are Olivia and Fitz Really Over?

The more the merrier. This is what Scandal is about, more juicy secrets means more reaping to be made. In an exclusive Q&A with TV Guide, showrunner Betsy Beers addressed fans to not miss the next three episodes to come.

The episodes will answer the burning question circulating the secret meeting of Olivia on that round table. It will also bring light to the whole Quinnspiracy issue that is being linked to the previous presidential election. Did the "Illuminati" team rigged that election? Was the explosion in Quinn's case a diversion to turn off the heat against Fitz' presidency?

Here are your scorching questions answered by EP Betsy Beers!

Are we really to believe that the cabal of five rigged the election?

Clearly there is some cabal that they have, but it could be connected to many different things. What I love around Episode 5 or 6, and this was true last year when we had fewer episodes actually, [is] everything starts to turn.

If the election was rigged, that would mean Governor Reston (Tom Amandes) got screwed. Will we see him again?

I think you probably will see the governor again. The way that it tends to work on the show is it's like a little theater troupe every season. So once you meet somebody, and they're in the mix, they tend to be in the mix. I think that the governor is clearly an integral part of the past and the present of Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant.

Will we learn how the cabal of five initially came together?

Everything will start to become clearer in the next few episodes. A lot of those questions will be answered, but also create more questions.

Does Fitz know about the cabal of five? Or is it possibly a cabal of six?

You're just going to have to keep watching. That was like last season with did he or didn't he with Amanda Tanner? But more will be clear, especially in the next two episodes.

Mellie doesn't seem like a good person to have on the five. Will she cause trouble?

Mellie is going to continue to grapple with her own ambitions and the restrictions that are placed on the role of the first lady. That place at that table is a challenge for her. The main thing with Mellie is that she's wanting to be more present and more vital than she is. Mellie always figures out ways to get her voice in there. She's a political animal. In the next couple of episodes, there are a couple of turns that are going to occur which are amazing, shocking and fully and totally unexpected. This is as close you can come to me saying do not miss the next three episodes of this television show. Everyone's loyalties will be tested in a way that we haven't seen before.

Will Olivia deal with Abby's betrayal head on?

I think that in the next couple of episodes, you will get a sense as to how that's going to work. Olivia's approach is not necessarily what you would expect. Abby is coming to this point where she's been shut out by Olivia. She doesn't know what's going on in that office, and when you look at that office right now, that office is kind of dysfunctional. Huck's off in a corner doing stuff, Olivia's running around, Abby keeps going to Olivia and saying, "Please tell me what's happening," and Olivia doesn't. So in a way, for me, it's understandable and incredibly sympathetic that Abby's trying to figure out who her loyalty is to.

Will David be torn about what to do with this information considering it could put him in Hollis' crosshairs?

Exactly. We know about Hollis' crosshairs because we were in that room, but it's got to be a struggle for David.

In this week's episode, there is a spy who plans to expose someone. Does that have to do with the cabal of five?

It will connect to things, but it's some phenomenal conflict and plot. The way that it just emotionally connects to everything else that's going on will be, I think, super intriguing and surprising to you.

Olivia has a new love interest in Edison (Norm Lewis). Will that actually work or are Olivia and Fitz never really over?

What you hope is that Olivia can find someone else that makes her happy, that gives her a little bit of normal, which is that thing that they were always talking about last season. Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick) left to get a little bit of normal. What Edison provides for her is that bit of normal -- what it would be like to actually have a stable, loving boyfriend that you could do things with who wasn't the married president of the United States. There's going to be a pull towards that, and she will be actively battling to find her inner normal.

'Scandal' airs every Thursday on ABC.