Scandal Spoilers: Season 3 Moves Forward w/ Fitz' Reelection Campaign and More Olitz Romance!

scScandal aka the juiciest soap on TV will be back to resume its banging third season on Feb. 27 to air its remaining 8 episodes.

Yes, that is a month away from now Gladiators. But before you go Quinn-coo-coo-crazy on us, may we offer you some spoilers first? Here's TV Line with the latest Scandal dish:

The truncated, eight-episode back half of Season 3 will focus more on Fitz's reelection campaign, which is bound to be complicated by loose threads. For one, EP Betsy Beers mused, "It's going to be interesting to see how much the fat lady sung" when it comes to Daniel Douglas' "heart attack." Beers also forecast an "incredibly complicated combo plate of reactions" if Liv learns of Jake's role as Command and suggested that Quinn's gladiator status might not be officially revoked. Jon Tenney (The Closer) is booked for an arc as a rumored romantic interest for long-forsaken Mellie, while "Olitz"... does what Olitz does. "Fitz and Olivia are always intertwined in very odd and new ways," Beers notes. "I would expect that that's something that will continue."

Watch the promo for the next episode below: