Scandal Spoilers: Mellie’s Focus is Fitz’ Reelection; Plus, Watch Out for Episode 3.03!

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September 25, 2013

BELLAMY YOUNGScandal actress Bellamy Young teases what’s next for the FLOTUS/ Mellie Grant on the third season of the juicy ABC drama. Here’s what she told TV Line:

Now that Olivia has been outed as the POTUS’ mistress, “She is no longer the fixer,” explains Bellamy Young. “She is like the client. Mellie is the fixer in her own mind. We’re looking at a reelection campaign, so I’ve got to handle it because we need four more years. And Mellie has a very particular idea about who a scapegoat should be, what a strategy should be, how to push it all under the rug so we can get past it and get reelected. Of course, it will no doubt blow up in her face as Mellie’s plans inevitably do.”

What’s more, Young shares that fans should watch out for the upcoming third episode titled “Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington”. This episode will air Oct. 17.

”So far, I have loved Episode 3,” raves Young. “Episode 3 was one of our best so far. I really look forward to [watching] that.”

‘Scandal’ returns Thursday, Oct. 3 on ABC.