Scandal Exclusive Spoilers: Mellie Plays Hard Ball, Liv Handles A Slutty CEO!

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February 7, 2013

Be the first to know on what’s coming up on Scandal! Spoilers Guide have the exclusive spoilers abound on season 2 episode 16, check them out below:

  • Olivia Pope and Associates works on a high-profile case involving a married woman who works as a CEO. On the episode, she’ll be under the microscope due to a past, sexual involvement with a superior authority associated with the White House.
  • Meanwhile, Mellie plays hard ball with Fitz. She stoop so low by persuading the POTUS’ secretary to dispense private information to ease her paranoia. What, you’re a stalker now Mellie?
  • On the bright side, the White House was able to resolve a hostage situation.

Source: Spoilers Guide

  • Cindy22

    Private information to ease her paranoia? Hmmm…I wonder what this is all about.

  • Carolyn Stephens

    I wonder if Fitz and Olivia work things out and Mellie sees that Fitz is more relaxed and in control! The way he was in the past when he and his Livvie were meeting/talking, etc? I’m keeping hope alive that Oliva and Fitz will find their way back to each other better than ever. I hope Fitz discloses what he did to Verna, not sure if he can/should keep something like this from Olivia.

  • Cindy22

    I think Olitz will get through their problems and It’ll be very interesting to watch them (esp. Liv) try to fight their feelings. I said especially Liv because she appears to be stronger than Fitz in their relationship except when he is touching her, of course. I can see Fitz sneaking out of the white house to see Liv like he did in S1E5/E6…hahaha. That should make Mellie crazier than she’s ever been on the show, hence her paranoia. I am not sure how Livvie will respond if Fitz tells her he killed Verna but I am sure Shonda will make him keep it a secret from her until S2 finale just to mess with our heads as always.

  • EmilyH

    Maybe the paranoia has more to do with whether or not he knows about the election rigging (including her involvement) ?

  • Mariam AT

    When is episode 16 airing?? People are saying there’s a break after the next ep, but how long of a break?

  • leelee

    I think Mellie is behind the new guy watching Liv!! ????