Scandal Spoilers: Mellie Hires A Forty Something Hottie

Scandal Spoilers: Mellie Hires A Forty Something Hottie

mellieFresh casting scoop, Gladiators!

The cunning and manipulative Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) who spends most of her time in solitude, spying on her husband's schedule and chatting with his body guards -- is about to step up and welcome a new company.

TV Line has revealed a casting intel about Mellie's 'new guy' that may or may not keep her sanity intact with all the rumblings around the White House.

But who cares? With all the secrets she's been keeping, it'll be nice to see her talk to someone. And even if this means she'll be ranting about Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope, I'm still in!

Check out who's the guy you're about to meet, read on for the spoilers:

The new fortysomething character the show is currently casting — a handsome, charismatic fella named Andrew — will be keeping company with Bellamy Young’s love-starved FLOTUS. And, if this is who they end up hiring, we deserve some kind of trophy or medal. Or something.

'Scandal' airs every Thursday at 10PM ET on ABC.