Scandal Spoilers: Killer Becky Resurfaces!

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January 3, 2013

What happens when Huck’s former lover, now known as killer-extraordinaire, Becky resurfaces under the Olivia Pope radar? CCCHHAAAOSSS! To whet your appetite for the midseason return of Scandal, here are the spoilers dissected by TV Line:

Captured Huck’s treatment will give the real-life CIA something to crow about in addition to Zero Dark Thirty; Sally Langston’s power grab will be put on hold (but for how long?); Cyrus acts fast to buy his stalwart husband’s silence; David Rosen’s head is not fingered like a bowling ball again; and Becky resurfaces (for better or for worse).

‘Scandal’ returns with an all new episode titled “One For The Dog” airing on Thursday, Jan. 10 on ABC. Get the promo for this episode here.