Scandal Spoilers: Khandi Alexander Breaks Silence on Her Top-Secret Role -- "She's Very Angry w/ Eli"

Scandal Spoilers: Khandi Alexander Breaks Silence on Her Top-Secret Role -- "She's Very Angry w/ Eli"

scandal_khandi_kerryThe plot of Scandal on its current third season has added another layer to its already pumped up B613 storyline. (Not to mention, Mellie was a rape victim!) Is this show the juciest of all or what?

Just on the soap's recent outing (titled "Everything's Coming Up Mellie"), we were left with a cliffhanger revealing that Olivia's mother is still alive. Nope, she did not crash with the hundreds of people who died on that plane. Somehow, Liv's dad, Rowan has once again pulled some strings to keep her existing, totally breathing not-dead-body under the dark.

Now that the bomb has already been revealed, the portrayer of Olivia's mom, Khandi Alexander finally speaks on her top-secret role. Check out the actress' latest interview with TV Line below:

Though Alexander has been schooled extremely well in maintaining B613-slash-Shonda Rhimes levels of secrecy about what’s on tap for her “resurrected” character on the ABC drama (airing Thursdays at 10/9c), she does allow that Maya — jibing with the side-eye she shot her husband at the close of last week’s episode — is in a “murderous” mindset. Meaning, all that time spent in a confined space did not heal any wounds. “No, she’s very, very angry with Eli.”

Beyond that, Alexander will only offer the most cryptic of teases. For one, “We will learn more about Maya’s past,” possibly via more flashbacks. (As the actress observes, “Joe Morton with that mustache and bit of Afro going on? That’s pretty sexy!”) In that same vein, she promises “more pieces to the Remington puzzle — though I can’t say which specific ones.” (Long story short: Maya was for some reason pulled off Flight 522 just before it took embarked on its doomed journey, shot down from the sky as it was by Navy officer Fitzgerald Grant.)

But perhaps the most burning question is if — or being the fast-paced, storyline-churning Scandal — how soon Maya might be reunited with daughter.

“We’re going to learn more about Olivia’s relationship with her mother, and what’s happened in the past,” Alexander sorta-answers. And though she won’t elaborate on how things used to be (beyond the fleeting glimpse we saw weeks ago in flashback), she states, “Very few mothers don’t love their daughters.”

Offering one final, vague salvo about what her Scandal-ous visit has in store, Alexander — who starting Dec. 1 can also be seen in the final five-episode season of HBO’s Treme — suggests that Maya being alive won’t be the biggest shocker to come out of the Remington mystery.

“There are even more surprises to come, without a doubt,” she teases. “Come on, it’s Scandal! The plot will thicken.”

'Scandal' airs every Thursday at 10PM ET on ABC.