Scandal Spoilers: Kerry Washington Teases Season 3! Plus, Harrison's Backstory Finally Happening


Emmy-nominated Kerry Washington was interviewed by TV Line to talk about the jucier and ever-scandalous upcoming season of Scandal.

THE CULPRIT | Currently, the hottest buzz orbiting around the ABC drama is the mystery person who ratted OLITZ' affair to the press. Here is Washington's theory:

"Mellie is “too obvious” as a culprit. Mellie got [Fitz] back at the end, so I don’t know why she would do that.”

TIME JUMP | On the topic of the premiere, Washington was skeptical that it will pick up with Olivia and her dad still in the car. Though there's been no word yet if the series will have a time-jump, the actress was excited about the idea.

“I really love how the show plays with time and jumps all around, so I hope there’s some of that.”

BEEFED-UP HARRISON | Columbus Short's character, Harrison, has been slightly dreaded by critics in the past. You might think it's because he talks as if he's in a marathon, but no, it primarily rooted from his insubstantial backstory. However, as we head towards season 3, EP Shonda Rhimes has finally beefed-up Harrison's storyline!

Washington sounded just excited as we are, here's how she feels about Short's more meaty third season:

“Shonda [Rhimes] has teased that we are going to get more backstory on Harrison” – finally, I say – “and when I heard that, I was jumping up and down in the hair-and-makeup trailer like, ‘Yeah!’”

JACK IN THE HOLE | If you haven't heard, Scott Foley who plays Capt. Jack Ballard has been upped to series regular. Though Kerry relayed the casts' excitement for Foley's promotion, she's not so thrill for his character, Creepy Jack.

"it’d be a shame if Jake stayed in “the hole” all season long."

Watch the promo below for Kerry Washington's Emmy nomination for her outstanding work in Scandal:

Scandal season 3 premieres on Thursday, Oct. 3 on ABC.