Scandal Spoilers: Kerry Washington Heats-Up Photoshoot with Tony Goldwyn; Plus, Teasers For ‘Olitz’ Shippers!

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March 18, 2013

“Nothing will be the same for Fitz and Olivia”, says Scandal actress Kerry Washington about her onscreen romance with Tony Goldwyn (Fitzgerald Grant) as Olivia Pope on ABC’s well-watched soap.

During their photoshoot with TV Guide magazine, the lead co-stars talked about the political-fixer drama as well as the new developments coming up for their characters. Last time on Scandal titled “Boom Goes the Dynamite”, Fitz and Olivia are still struggling to cope with their breakup after the rigged-election debacle. How long can Fitz and Olivia stand this cool-off stage? Will they ever be the same again?

Find out what’s ahead for the POTUS and Olivia in Scandal, hit the play button for the interview below: