Scandal Spoilers: Katie Lowes Teases Abby-Quinn Confrontation and Her Biggest Twist w/ David!

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October 25, 2012

Last time on Scandal..

Abby won’t quit in reminding Quinn what a nut job she was. After a series back to back bullying, Lindsay, I’m sorry, Quinn — has decided she couldn’t take any of Abby’s crap anymore. While enjoying a round of cocktails in a bar, Quinn has pulled the trigger saying “Screw you!”, leaving Abby speechless.. and on her way to jumping in to David’s bed.

Bottomline, it’s obvious that Abby and Quinn’s cat fight isn’t over yet while Abby just got herself into a rabbit hole.

In a recent article shared by EW, actress Katie Lowes teased us about her character’s (Quinn) drama w/ Abby and her latest hookup with David aka Olivia’s nemesis. Here are a few statements from the actress –

“Let’s just say that after the episode last night, Quinn has definitely proven herself to Abby,” she says. “By standing up to her, that’s how you get through to [Abby]. So their relationship, you will see it change.”

And there is definitely more change on the way — especially in light of Abby’s night with David (Josh Malina). “You’ll definitely see in the coming weeks if their relationship is one for immediate pleasure or something deeper.”

‘Scandal’ season 2 airs every Thursday on ABC.