Scandal Spoilers: Katie Lowes tease Quinn’s Journey in Season 2 — “Why Did Olivia Save Her?”

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October 31, 2012

The conundrum behind the identity of Quinn Perkins, formerly known as Lindsay has already been unmasked on the second season premiere of Scandal. However, with regards to why Olivia Pope has been going to extreme measures to save her is just another mystery we can’t wait to unravel. In an exclusive report, Katie Lowes, the actress who plays Quinn Perkins on the juicy Shonda Rhimes series have spoken up! Find out what she teased on the interview, here are a few statements –

“Quinn’s on a really interesting journey. She’s trying to get to the bottom of why the hell Olivia Pope saved her and why they changed her entire life and her entire identity. Now that we’ve found out who she is, now it’s all about the why and why people did this.”

Bonus scoop: Quinn’s getting some “cojones”.

Source: E! Online