Scandal Spoilers: Katie Lowes Previews A Bolder, Badass Quinn!

Scandal Spoilers: Katie Lowes Previews A Bolder, Badass Quinn!

129496_0332Quinn Perkins is turning into a black swan on ABC's Scandal. After living a life jampacked with lies and conspiracies, not to mention Hollis Doyle's grave threats -- the old Lindsay Dwyer is starting a new, darker phase.

Currently, her colleague/ fellow gladiator-in-suit, Huck has agreed to unleash her inner warrior. Judging her performance on the past episodes, it is apparent that Perkins is an adamant student. She thrives and pushes her limit. Forgive me if I mention this but Miss Perkins is so audacious she disrobe infront of the CIA bad guy! Remember this:

"Never con the CIA bad guy or whoever without the right props, Quinn!"
Sincerely, Huck

This begs the question, is Quinn Perkins the right one for the job? Can she ever learn the legendary 'Huck technique'?

In an interview with TV Guide, Katie Lowes who plays Quinn Perkins revealed some solid good news! She told the publication that the long wait is almost over. Viewers and fans of Scandal can finally see Huck's very first trained henchman. Here are a few spoilery excerpts shared by TV Guide:

Quinn is becoming more badass this season. What can you tell us about her going down this darker path?
Lowes: I'm so excited for you guys to see next week's episode. It's my favorite that I've gotten to do so far. You can see Quinn is growing and evolving. Her feet are getting grounded in this world and it's all thanks to Huck, played by Guillermo, who is the best actor ever. It doesn't suck that I get to be paired up with him constantly. I feel like people are digging our chemistry as a mentor/mentee relationship. Of course, I have no idea if by the end of the season we're going to kill each other or have crazy sex with each other. What I do know is that Quinn is really leaning on him to be good at something to define her role in the office. Quinn, because she was taken in as sort of witness protection, she really didn't belong there, but now this is where she is and where she's committed her life to being. So what is she going to do? You're going to see that Quinn will have to get more and more confident in using the skills that Huck has taught her... [singing] and it's going to be awesome.

Are there any lines she won't cross?
Lowes: No.

Even when it comes to torture?!
Lowes: I will say that there are no lines that she wouldn't cross. I think it's going to take her a while to get to that point, but I really think she's Huck's protégé ride or die. I really feel that where this is going and what I've seen so far is that all of her trust is in him and when he says she's ready and it's go time, she's ready.

Will she take on any cases of her own?
Lowes: Yes. As a typical mentor/mentee relationship evolves, the mentor tests the mentee and backs away to let the little baby grow up, in a way. So yeah, you'll see some of that. And you might see her mess up and you might see her be really good. Quinn is still Quinn. As badass and kickass as she's becoming, she's still a 28-year-old baby lawyer who just passed the bar and has been in this business for two years. She's not Huck.

Do you think Quinn has really let go of her past?
Lowes: Gosh, that's a complicated question. I would say that she's 95 percent over her past, but like any human being, there's just days where you're still going to think about it. When you're at your most vulnerable, you're going to want to think about your parents and your ex-boyfriend who died, but most of the time she's definitely a gladiator first and a person second. She's been modeling after Olivia and Abby (Darby Stanchfield) to distract herself with work as much as humanly possible.

Are you a fan of the new badass Quinn?