Scandal Spoilers: Joshua Malina Previews David's Plot To Bring Down Olivia

Scandal Spoilers: Joshua Malina Previews David's Plot To Bring Down Olivia

Last time on Scandal..

Olivia Pope had been pulling some strings in the White House in order to save her ass on the line. And since she and the president have become phone pals for quite a while now, it wasn't that difficult for Olivia to get what she wanted. However, on the opposite side of the ring seats Det. David Rosen. After being sent on a possibly permanent vacation, he makes it his mission to bring down Olivia and her band of gladiator in suits.

In an interview with TV Line, actor Josh Malina, the portrayer of David Rosen previewed his character's plot to destroy and burn down Olivia Pope and her team of uberfixers. Check out the spoilers below:

Something special seems to be going on in David’s apartment there.

That is true. Many special things are happening in my apartment in episodes to come.

How would you describe this upcoming arc for him?

Clearly, Olivia has done me wrong, and I’m obsessed with figuring out how she’s always one step ahead of me, how she’s always going over my head, how she has, essentially at this point, lost me the biggest case of my career, at least temporarily lost me my job, and put the kibosh on this high-profile autopsy that should have been another slam-dunk for us in law enforcement. So I’m going into this unshaved, questionable-hygiene world of obsessive investigation.

How long it will be before David digs up his first juicy lead or clue?

It happens fairly quickly. In classic Shonda [Rhimes] style, and this is why she’s so good and so evil, every answer raises two more questions. So he will find out his first big lead very shortly, but it will lead to more questions. I can also tease that at the end of this next episode, there’s a big surprise that comes out of nowhere, regarding David, that I think fans will enjoy.

He’s schtupping his assistant there, isn’t he?

I sensed something when they had that late night cram season last season. Could be that. I’m not saying. I think there is a little spark there. That being said, one hopes, and one believes, that she could do better.

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