Scandal Spoilers: Jake To Unveil His True Colors

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March 6, 2013

scandal1I know how sulking it is that Scandal is on a hiatus for two weeks. UUUGGGH! I hear you Olitz shippers!

Nonetheless, that won’t definitely cease us from giving away your most-wanted spoilers. I just learned from TV Line that when the juicy soap returns, a different form of “Jake the Creep” will resurface. Read on for the latest:

Jake will start showing his true colors. And they are multiple shades of extremely freakin’ dark.

Scandal returns on March 21 with S02E16 titled “Top of the Hour”.

  • John Galluzzo

    OMG, I gotta say, Capt’n Jake as multiple Shades of Grey sounds hot! Oh, that’s not what you said, is it ;). Anyway, Olivia is a big girl, and Jake looks like spicy rebound candy to me (yummy)! Now Fitz has put Olivia on the radar of McStalker, what is he going to do when the whole thing blows up?
    Do you think, Fitz is going to have to swoop in and rescue Olivia from McStalker? Is this how Olitz re-connect?

  • Kylie

    I like your possibility. I was thinking something on those lines. I also thought about Liv getting harmed in some way as a result of Jake or something else, so we shall see.

  • bluaeryn

    I like Jake, he is doing a job, but it has turned personal for him. I think he honestly likes and respects Olivia based on the comments he made to Fitz and the fact that he turned off the camera when he could have kept looking as Liv was about to undress. If anything I see Jake become Liv’s knight but he may not survive the testing…JMO.

  • Mia Edmondson-Ochoa

    I think Jake should stick around for a while. Fitz has had it too easy and Olivia deserves someone she can go out in public with, go to sleep with at night, dream of a future with. I love Olivia and Fitz together, but he should have to work for her, not the other way around!

  • Debbie Jones

    I love sexy Jake Ballard and would like to see and he and Olivia have a relationship. Fitz is married with children. Why shouldn’t Olivia have the same opportunity for marriage and children? Why should she end up like Will (Boom Goes the Dynamite) with 10 years of secrets, lies, and stolen moments?

  • Debbie Jones

    I really don’t think Cap’n Jake is a danger to Olivia. Jake could actually be watching Fitz cause seems to have goone off his rocker. I don’t think he would treat Olivia like he has been doing if he were in his right mind even with finding out about Defiance.