Scandal Spoilers: Is Fitz Going to Confront Cyrus About the Rigged-Election?

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February 13, 2013

130764_7464 The POTUS is now privy of the Illuminati’s big top secret, his place on the White House is all calculated, rigged, manipulated, etc. and etc. On last Thurday’s episode, Fitz has addressed his feelings over this to Liv and Mellie. A revelation that hit a snag on Liv’s attempt to rekindle his romance with the POTUS. Poor Liv!

Mellie, on the other hand, got a free pass? I guess? Fitz was very forgiving of her. Acknowledging her honesty and loyalty to him against all odds.

But can the POTUS feel the same for his right hand, Cyrus Beene? Let’s ask Shonda Rhimes, shall we?

“When we come back [this Thursday] and it’s 10 months later, you begin to see the aftereffects of what happened with Fitz and his relationship with Cyrus. You will see how that consequence is played out.”

Source: TV Line

  • Anna Doe

    Well I hope Liv’d have moved on. This whole POTUS’s mistress quietly waiting for him to make up his mind once and for all is so… French as a French woman, I know what I’m talking about.

  • lanette

    Liv is no victim and quietly waits for no one. She is in love with POTUS and waits because of that. Mellie had an affair and does not really care about anything but the White House and deserves nothing. She risked her child’s life just to continue her manipulative hold on power. As for the French woman thing, no country has the corner on that market. Many women in the old US of A are “waiting” . No one has a monopoly on that one Anna.

  • lanette

    In the end….its just entertainment, even if the best I have ever seen on TV. ;-)