Scandal Spoilers: How Will Liv React To Fitz' Request for Divorce? Plus, Scott Foley's Pivotal Role Dished!

Scandal Spoilers: How Will Liv React To Fitz' Request for Divorce? Plus, Scott Foley's Pivotal Role Dished!

What happens when the POTUS asks his pregnant wife for a divorce? Is it
a) Counselling?
b) A 24-hour lock down communication therapy? or
c) get the FLOTUS to conspire another conspiracy with Hollis Doyle?

On this week's episode of Scandal, we go back to the ill-fated moments of Mellie as she hears her husband ask for a divorce. (Quick request: Please... don't make this one of the "my-water-just-broke" ham-fisted excuse to birth your child, Mellie.)

In a report exclusive from TV Line, Shonda Rhimes dished the critical minutes of Mellie and Fitz this season on Scandal. Plus, she also teased the other woman's (Liv) reaction to the impending separation. I wonder how Liv can poise her gladiators-in-suits magic wand on the midst of this.

Also ahead, I recently reported that Grey's Anatomy actor, Scott Foley is making his Scandal debut this season. Turns out, his role is going to be a heck of a pivotal one. But why? Learn about THAT and much more from the creator and showrunner below!

Does this Thursday’s episode pick up right where the last one left off — with Fitz dropping the divorce bombshell on Mellie?

It picks up the next morning-ish.

How quickly does Liv get wind of it?

Not that quickly. By the time she hears about it she’s got problems of her own. Perhaps it’s not the good news that we’d hope it would be for her.

Should we think for a second that Liv might accept Edison’s proposal?

Now that we know about the election rigging and we know the lengths that she has gone to, I think it’s possible that Edison can be an escape route for Olivia. I don’t think anyone believes that Edison is the love of her life. But Edison can feel like a very safe escape route. He’s the guy she’s supposed to want because technically on paper he has all the attributes of a guy that she’s supposed to want.

Do you see Fitz learning that Olivia knew of the tampered election as a big game-changing moment – if and when it comes?


The current arc ends with Episode 13 on Feb. 7, correct?

It ends-ish, because the repercussions [continue]. And then things start again in Episode 14 [on Feb. 14]. Episode 14 is 10 months later than 13.

Can you shed any light on what the final nine-episode arc will be about?

Um… no. [Laughs] And not because I’m being coy. But because we’re in the midst of writing it and planning it and figuring it out as we go, which is what we’ve been doing the whole time.

Does Scott Foley figure into it?

Scott’s character plays a pivotal role in the final nine-episode arc. And he plays a person who is not what he seems on any level. At any time. Ever.

Is romance in the cards for him?


How do you think Mellie will take Fitz' plea for divorce? Weigh-in below!