Scandal Spoilers: How Will America’s Baby Affect Fitz?

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January 23, 2013

Mellie’s ultimate leverage against Fitz is her baby with him. Any moment from now, that baby is popping out! How will this affect the POTUS? Will he still pursue with the divorce? TV Guide spoke to Tony Goldwyn, a.ka. Fitzgerald Grant and here’s what he teased:

“The baby is a big emotional issue, so that certainly weighs on Fitz a lot, and that will be one of the big issues. I can’t say whether it’s decisive or not, but it’s a big factor. Fitz has had a moment of clarity by almost losing his life and he’s done fooling around.”

‘Scandal’ airs every Thursday on ABC.

  • meissie_k

    I want olivia and fitz happy together!!.. if only i could see that..

  • stacybel

    If Liv and Fitz don’t get together, and I mean soon, I will stop watching! Enough of this teasing already!