Scandal Spoilers: How Long Will Sally Take Over As POTUS?

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January 2, 2013

When VP Sally Langston took over the president’s chair on Scandal, we were like… “That B*tch!”. However, fret no more because we have a scoop that confirms that the veep is gonna have to give up her tyrannical ambitions very soon. (Duh, we need more Fitz and Olivia screen time!) Check out what TV Guide dished!

If Mellie has anything to say about it, not too long. In fact, the First Lady may employ illegal — and even treasonous — means to make sure the dragon lady doesn’t stay in power. But this time around, you’ll actually be rooting for Fitz’s wife.

An all new episode of Scandal “One For The Dog” airs on Thursday, Jan. 10 on ABC. Get the official guide and photos here!