Scandal Spoilers: Guillermo Diaz On Huck's Status After Attacking Olivia and Getting To Know Jake

Scandal Spoilers: Guillermo Diaz On Huck's Status After Attacking Olivia and Getting To Know Jake

scaTV Guide interviewed the portrayer of Huck, Guillermo Diaz on ABC's Scandal to hash out the huge revelations we learned during the Oct. 17th installment titled "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner".

Last week, Huck burst out in profound rage after Liv (Kerry Washington) confessed that her father, Rowan is the leader of B613 -- the CIA organization which basically ruined his life.

When we see the two on the next episode, how will things change between them? Will Liv understand Huck's sudden urge to attack her? Or will she begin to avoid him from that point forward?

Here's how Diaz previewed what's next for Huck and Liv:

At first it's strained and it's awkward to be around each other after that. But with family, sometimes you have to go through that stuff. Sometimes you have to have a real hard-core fight to bring you closer. It was about time for Huck to flip out on her and vent. I feel like it's going to bring them closer and make them love each other even more and work harder together and they're going to be OK. But it's intense. You've never seen Huck go off on her at all. He's physical with her and that's scary, and she's frightened and scared for her life in that moment.

The ABC drama's recent outing also gave fans a huge sigh of relief. Scott Foley's Jake Ballard, Rowan's latest captive down the CIA hole has already been released. Since Ballard and Huck share the same 'tormenting' experiences, will we see them bond and develop a bromance as the season progress?

Below, Diaz also echoed his thoughts on Jake Ballard's introduction into Huck's life:

At first there's a little bit of, "Who the hell are you? Get off my corner," for Huck. He knows Jake's had an intimate relationship with Olivia and he doesn't like that. Then when he finds out he was in B613, there's going to be a little bit of like, "We know each other. I know you now. I feel like you're a brother." Not really that close, but we've both been through the same thing, so I think they're going to band together and try to fix things together.

'Scandal' airs every Thursday on ABC.