Scandal Spoilers: Fitz Faces ‘Wrong Mole’ Debacle

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April 10, 2013

s-SCANDAL-MOLE-130328-largeIn an upcoming episode of Scandal, the colossal mistake of the White House in declaring on national TV that they’ve caught the right mole will bring magnitude repercussions. Here are the spoilers:

Fans that have been less than pleased with Fitz in the last couple of episodes will probably be a little happy to hear the president will be in a bit of a pickle when it comes time to deal with the whole “saying someone was the mole when he really wasn’t” thing. Cyrus and his team will be working overtime to find an explanation for an “oversight” in the mole investigation and aren’t above Fitz’s recent troubles (Verna’s death, the assassination attempt, etc.) to do it.

Source: E!

An all new Scandal returns on April 25 with S02E19 titled “Seven Fifty-Two”, check out the promo here.