Scandal Spoilers: Details on Lisa Kudrow and Patrick Adelstein's Season 3 Guest Roles

Scandal Spoilers: Details on Lisa Kudrow and Patrick Adelstein's Season 3 Guest Roles

scandal_season3_kudrow_adelsteinExec producer Shonda Rhimes and Darby Stanchfield dished Scandal goodness about the show's upcoming guest stars in season 3: FRIENDS' Lisa Kudrow and Private Practice vet Patrick Adelstein.

In a report, the actress who plays Abby dropped spoilers about Kudrow's recurring character named Shelley Meyers -- a politician. Lest you're wondering if the FRIENDS' alumna will be stirring up some tension around Liv's orbit, the actress claims a contrasting insight. She also revealed that Abby will be working with Kudrow's smart and powerful alter ego.

Slated to kickoff her guest role in Oct. 24, here's what you can expect from Kudrow's Shelley on the ABC smash:

“Lisa has a really nice role” as a powerful and smart politician.

“Our characters get along,” Stanchfield added. In fact, “She’s almost like a mentor. Not quite like Olivia, but Abby admires the heck out of her, so it was fun to play.”

Stanchfield also attested that Scandal viewers will not be seeing any version of Kudrow’s flighty Friend. “You’re not getting Phoebe. It’s kind of amazing what you are going to get. You’re getting the spicy version in that variety pack.”

Meanwhile, showrunner S. Rhimes also gave fans a tad of a spoiler. This time surrounding one of her Shondaland vet Paul Adelstein who also landed a guest spot on Scandal. Discerning the creator's words, it seems that Adelstein will be offering some crazy moments on the show. Read her brief teasing statement on the site below:

“Paul Adelstein is incredibly, crazy surprising in his role on Scandal,” she effused. “Like, you will not even recognize him.”

Source: TV Line

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