Scandal Spoilers: David Rosen Is Being Framed! Josh Malina Weighs-in!

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February 13, 2013

scandal-tv-show1The road for David Rosen on Scandal is going nowhere but the dark side. If you’ve seen the promo for next week’s episode, it appears that David will be framed for murder! Seriously Shonda, hasn’t he already gone through enough? When can this poor, anti-conspiracy guy catch a break?

TV Guide talked to the Josh Molina to fill us in with this new conspiracy! Check out his statement below:

“First of all, can we really be surprised? After everything poor David Rosen has been put through, wouldn’t it be a disappointment if he didn’t wake up next to a dead woman? And, sure, the promo suggests he’s been framed, but all we see is Olivia saying that. She could be wrong. You feel me?” Let the conspiracy theories begin!

Who do you think framed David? Share your predictions below.

  • Cindy22

    I feel you man but framed or not, you seem to be rolling with all shades of bad luck this season…LOL.I think Hollis is behind the set up. I only hope OPA’s help to fix this huge mess for David will make him fully understand what OPA does and therefore stop being a pain in their asses when they handle other cases.