Scandal Spoilers: Columbus Short on Harrison's Backstory

Scandal Spoilers: Columbus Short on Harrison's Backstory

Harrison-S3squareOn last week's Scandal titled "Icarus", we learned (finally) that Harrison is not just a one-dimensional character. He's got the dirty secrets too!

So there we were, chasing his story and feeling panicky about an ominous "Adnan Salif" -- whom as far as we know cannot travel back to America or else, sweet talker Harry is DEAD.

To get more juice about this new arc on Harrison, here's a brief tease from his portrayer Columbus Short:

Suffice it to say, Adnan Salif is not going to disappear, which will severely affect Harrison. "Harrison is completely consumed and stricken with an impending doom [about] Salif's arrival into the country," Columbus Short says, teasing that we will find out how Cyrus uncovered Harrison's Kryptonite. Still, Short is pleased to finally get info on his character, even if it leads to disastrous results. "I was cautiously optimistic at first, given that a character's backstory could ultimately lead to getting killed off."

Source: TV Guide

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