Scandal Spoilers: Breakdown of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" Episode

TV Line have previewed the major events that will unfold on Scandal's most awaited episode of the season, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President". This episode follows the cliffhanger last week where #whoshotfitz proliferated all over the social networking sites.

If you can't wait for the official airing tomorrow night, then please stick around for the spoiler goodies I'm about to round-up.

On the episode's first sneek peak released by ET, Mellie is beyond furious and definitely on the verge of a nervous breakdown as she absorbs the shooting of his husband. While Olivia and Cyrus are literally out of words for the first time in Scandal history. Check out the video clip below:

Meanwhile, news all over the internet says that this episode will feature yet another steamy hook-up between Fitz and Olivia. And lucky for you, we have the second sneek peek for that! This flashback (FYI) happens on the inauguration of Fitz as "Mr. President".

Also included in the flashbacks are a series of connect the dots elements that springs directly towards Quinn's conspiracy bombing case. And as shocking as it is, Kate Burton will re-appear on this episode as VP Langston. Apparently, she also plays a pivotal role on the Cytron storyline this season. This information is confirmed by TV Line, I nabbed the exact details in case you're wondering, here goes!

One involves a deal struck with Kate Burton’s VP Langston that threatens to explode a member of the “Quinntet,” while a second spells out exactly what led to the Cytron bombing.

The portrayer of Mellie, Bellamy Young also weighed-in on this matter where she reveals, " “You will find out more backstory which will make everything that is happening [in the present] resonate more” — and perhaps even be, painful.”

By episode's end we switch back to the present where VP Langston releases as an official and rather bold statement to the press. I'd rather not say the exact words but the veep is definitely ballsy for taking such route, in my opinion.

Lastly, the gunman behind the shooting of Presient Fitz Grant will be unmasked before the credits roll.

Additional notes:

*Olivia's reason for quitting her job inside the White House will also be revealed.
*Fitz and Olivia's hot and steamy hookups were teased to take place in some scandalous, inappropriate places.

Who do you think shot Fitz?? It's free to guess, hit up the comments now!