Scandal Spoilers: Bellamy Young Teases What's Next for Mellie, Fitz and Olivia After the Jaw-Dropping Interview!

Scandal Spoilers: Bellamy Young Teases What's Next for Mellie, Fitz and Olivia After the Jaw-Dropping Interview!! Online sat down with Scandal actress Bellamy Young where she dished about her character, Mellie on the juicy ABC soap's shocking revelation last Thursday.

Now that the Kerry-Washington series just aired its most scandalous episode to date, with Mellie, Fitz and Olivia's future at stake, what can fans expect in the upcoming weeks? Can master fixer Olivia Pope and her band of gladiator-in-suits get her out of this snafu? What will happen to Fitz' presidency? Did the First Lady do the right move?

Keep reading for the spoilers teased by the onscreen Mellie below!

Can you tease the next interaction between Mellie and Fitz?
What I can say is that it will be a familiar tableau, but with an entirely new meaning. And you won't be able to pull your eyes away.

We're excited to see Mellie's next interaction with Cyrus, now that she's bested him at his own game.

Cyrus and Mellie are very well-balanced foils—and they know that. Any victory is only momentary. I think they respect—and fear—each other. Mellie knows to brace herself for Cy's retaliation. Her deepest hope, though, is that he will realize this particular battle is in his best interest too: If the family stays together, Cy stays in office.


She wants her truth to be heard. She wants her heart to be healed, she wants her family to be like it was, and she wants the future that once was so clear to be before her again. She deeply believes that with enough effort, she can get it all back. In spite of everything, Mellie believes. She has to because she loves Fitz. And she is absolutely willing to do whatever work necessary to build a bridge between then and now.

Do you think Mellie is prepared for the consequences of the action? Can you tease the consequences of what she did?

Mellie stands her ground and owns her actions. She knows the fallout from this will be nuclear, but she sees no other path than through it. She doesn't sidestep anything. And in D.C., the landscape of need and allegiance is always shifting, so I think she's praying the wind will turn in her favor and speed them all through this time of destruction into some sort of gleaming, new paradigm. But we're in Shondaland, so you can rest assured nothing will be easy!

What did you think of last Thursday's episode "A Woman Scorned"? Do you salute Mellie for speaking out the truth? How will Liv handle this major scandal?! Share your thoughts below!