Scandal Spoilers: An Event To Rock The World of OPA!

Scandal Spoilers: An Event To Rock The World of OPA!

Heads up Scandal fans, your favorite gladiators in suits are bringing us an explosive event in the final three episodes before mid-season's end. The dish, spilled by Scandal co-star Colubmus Short (Harrison), are closely related to Quinn's bombing case which rooted from the season 2 premiere.

Boy, this show just can't get enough of Quinnspiracy doesn't it?

On the report, Short shared that Olivia will delegate a few matters to Harrison as she deals with more pressing matters.

"Things in Olivia's personal life and on the White House side of things are getting a little out of control. She can't handle her job. It leaves him to step in and take over for her and she has complete confidence in him."

On that note, Harrison will be dealing with issues inside the walls of OPA (Olivia Pope and Associates) where Quinn formerly known as Lindsay Dwyer will begin her quest to find reasons behind her mysteriously settled bombing lawsuit.

"It affects the office. Things are unraveling more and more and the rabbit hole is beginning to go very, very deep. Abby already has a sneaking suspicion, and Harrison has never asked, but has a clear idea of how it all went down."

However, in spite of the intense matters going on inside OPA, the report added that there will be bigger fishes to fry on the Shonda Rhimes sudser. An event that will "rock the world of OPA" is definitely a pivotal matter that fans should watch out for. This colossal happening will occur on the final three episodes before the midseason finale.

Lastly, Short teased a major season 2 spoiler:
Fans should beware that season 2 episode 8 titled "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" is arguably one of the biggest episode so far for Scandal. On his exact words, he reveals --

"I don't think that has been done on network television."

Source: TV Guide

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