Scandal Spoilers: A Momentous, Explosive Scene for Cyrus & James!

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January 30, 2013

Hold on to your seats because Scandal is about to give us another riveting scene!

TV Line spoke to Shonda Rhimes (creator) and she teased one of the favorite scenes she’s ever written — a confrontation between Cyrus and James! Gotta say, it’s about time! These two have been keeping super dark secrets from each other waaayy too long! Enjoy the MAJOR spoilers ahead!

“It is the culmination of what we’ve been watching them go through this whole season. James has wanted a baby, James has been following this case and figuring out what Cyrus has been up too. It’s really James’ confrontation of Cyrus. And it [takes place over] an entire act. And there is some very intriguing nudity involved. And it literally is my favorite thing I’ve done ever.”

This episode is slated to air on Thursday, Feb. 7th.