Scandal Spoilers: A Midseason Death?

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January 10, 2013

Ok. Obviously this is not such a big surprise anymore. It’s Scandal, it’s Shonda Rhimes, it’s DEATH. Everyone gets that already, right? TV Line scooped another major spoiler that yes, the Grim Reaper is about to ax another character in the juicy ABC series.

Rumor has it the Grim Reaper’s about to make a cameo. (And I’ll see your Costa Rican coffee, and raise you a case of Diet Coke.)

I have narrowed my list on these people: James, Becky, and David. Although Becky could be the front runner for this, we can’t just undermine that the Cytron thing is still a major storyline. So, if ‘southern accent man’ is capable of deliberately killing seven people, adding another corpse could definitely be a no-brainer for him.

Who are the people on your death list? Share them below!

  • BW

    I’m going with Becky…..

    Although Hollis would be the TRUTH!!!!!

  • Bonny Mabaleka

    I think it’s going to be James.

  • Bonny Mabaleka

    I’d prefer it if Hollis died .