Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Fitz Is Running for Reelection

Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Fitz Is Running for Reelection

fitzScandal is about politics.

We've known its characters as political giants from day one and because of their unique and somehow badass ways, we have come to love them in spite of their flaws.

Just like the series lead, Fitzgerald Grant -- whom we caught red-handed killing Verna Thorne in season 2, can be considered as the perfect paradigm. He may be all fifty-shades-of-Grey-romantically, but the man isn't exactly a runner for the show's Best Behave. Hence, Verna Thorne (and adultery if you'll allow).

When season 3 picks up, one of the major arcs confirmed by E! Online is going to orbit around Fitz' second stab to run for office. Albeit the craziness he experienced in Defiance, Fitz is definitely upping his game.

Read on for the spoilers:

You know what everyone seems to be forgetting about in the midst of all craziness due to the reveals of Olivia's father and the press finding out about her affair with Fitz? The fact that Fitz is still going to be running for reelection in season three! Of course, that isn't such an easy task now that his affair has not only been outed, but confirmed. And yes, you can expect to see his opponents have a field day with the scandal. Well, not a field trip, more like a debate where the issue comes up. Awkward!

Scandal season 3 launches on Thursday, Oct. 3 on ABC.