Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know

Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know


On October 3rd, fans of ABC's Scandal will once again unite as the forbidden love story of Olivia and Fitz continues. As we countdown the days, we definitely hope to be surprised by how things will unravel for the recently departed lovers.

As you can remember the season 2 finale finished off with quite the gobsmacking cliffhanger. Just as when we all thought that Olivia Pope is back to square one, a clean slate, the white hat's back on -- nope, stop right there. We had to pull the brakes on that idea. Creator Shonda Rhimes has once again thrown another wicked curveball for the master fixer. So I'm just gonna say it again, someone ratted out Liv to the press!

Affirmative. Olivia's raunchy, almost-fifty-shades-of-grey love affair with the POTUS has been exposed. And the words trouble, scandal and controversy are certainly not enough to describe this dilemma Olivia Pope has gotten herself into. As clear as the blue skies in D.C., we're expecting that the crisis is of massive proportions.

(Cue red alert siren..)

Over the past few months, a string of interviews, scoops, spoilers and whatnot have bombarded our radars -- orbiting around the major and mini arcs the political drama has in-store for viewers. On that note, we've rounded-up everything we know so far about the forthcoming third run of the Kerry Washington-starring series.

Carry on and spoil away, Gladiators..!

1. Season 3 picks up exactly 22 minutes later, Rhimes confirmed. Plus, CIA Dad Rowan is sticking around.


From that point forward, we learned from Bellamy Young (Mellie Grant) that the next events of the premiere titled "It's Handled" will not disappoint.

“That first episode back picks up right after Dad and it comes out of the barrel like a bullet. We learn so much about this one here [motions to Kerry Washington] with the dad thing,” Young told E! Online.

Speaking of 'dad thing', you should probably give Rowan a chance and get to know him better. According to Rhimes, Liv's dad will be part of the season's major arc -- so that should give us some window of time to "maybe" like him (or not) as we dig deeper into his background.

2. The premiere will meet the fans' expectations and will explore on two things: the fallout of Mistress-gate and some flashbacks.


Emmy nominated Dan Bucatinsky has described the kind of vibe the third season opener will bring and he shared that "it will feel seamless". In terms of character developments, he reveals that "the relationships are just as rich, and just as surprising, and just as tense".

Meanwhile, on the same hour, Darby Stanchfield who plays Abby echoed her thoughts on the aforementioned Mistress-gate involving Olivia plus the flashbacks all of us are dying to see. Stanchfield mustered an enigmatic statement which she recently told TV Guide, “We find out answers to things we thought we already knew, but they’re totally not like you think”.

What did she say now? That's for you to read between the lines, Gladiators!

Last but not least, we learned from Guillermo Diaz that the flashback will concern his character, Huck and Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope in episode 2 of the season.

"“We will see Huck in the past again with Olivia and we’re going to get more of a glimpse into their relationship in the past,” Diaz shared with EW.

3. Beefed-up Harrison

Columbus Short's Harrison has been the show's Mr. Nice Guy from day one and nothing more. I mean, sure, the dude is a real smooth fast-talker but other than closing deals for Olivia Pope, Harrison's one-dimensional arc has become too bland. With a show famous for its shocking dramatic plots, Harrison definitely needs more umph.

When season 3 opens, you should probably expect the unexpected because Rhimes is finally adding spice to Harrison's profile! Kerry Washington is just as psyched as we are about the news, she excitedly tells TV Line, “Shonda [Rhimes] has teased that we are going to get more backstory on Harrison” – finally, I say – “and when I heard that, I was jumping up and down in the hair-and-makeup trailer like, ‘Yeah!’”

4. More from Creepy Jake
I'm sure you've heard of this new Scandal term "Jack in the hole", haven't you? Well, just in case you're reading about this the first time, that catchy phrase refers to Scott Foley's Mr. Creepy Jake Ballard a.k.a the stalking secret service agent Liv had slept with once or twice. (Sorry, Fitz.)

When we last saw him, he was locked-up on that same hole Huck was found in the flashback episode "Seven Fifty Two" where he nearly lost his sanity.

In season 3, don't be surprised if you see Jake hovering around the White House or Liv's pad over and over -- because he's not going anywhere! In case you missed the memo, this trajectory comes from Scott Foley's promotion as a series regular.

Oh and before I forget -- In case you're wondering if he's getting out of that hole soon, we learned from Rhimes that YES, he will!

“I would not have been able to put [Scott] in the hole if I had known he weren’t going to get out of the hole! It’s exciting to have Scott join us because he fits right in, emotionally and personally with everybody. But also story wise, we have a very clear sense of what we want to do with that character," Rhimes told E! Online.

5. Same old boring Fitz and Mellie

The charade of Fitz and Mellie continues inside the White House when season 3 opens. Since Olivia Pope opted not to get her happy ending with Fitz, the POTUS made an exceptionally lame move of going back to the first lady. The woman who was the first to blow the whistle on his extra-marital affairs -- seriously, how pathetic is this woman?

"When we first see them, Mellie is in caretaking mode. As always, their relationship is much more complex than simply they’re doing well or they’re not doing well. Where they are is going to be interesting to see," Rhimes told TV Guide.

6. Keeping it all queer with Cyrus and James
On Cyrus and James block, we learned that although Cyrus will be struggling as he deals with Mistress-gate, viewers will find the POTUS' right hand with hubby James in a much ideal state. Compared to the literal naked showdown dipped with hostility we've witnessed way back in season 2? Please, we definitely beg for more sweet James/Cyrus moments!

“It’s much as we left it. We are in a good place,” Dan Bucatinsky has enthused.

7. The Macabre Tale of Huckleberry Quinn Continues..
Oh Quinn, how will I ever get rid of your miffing ways? Pfft. Anyways, last season, Quinn is enjoying herself as the show's version of Jekyll and Hyde. One minute she's sweet and getting coffee, the next she's out there literally grinding a hole to somebody's body part. Spell crazyyyyy.

The next time we see Quinn, will she be wearing a straight jacket? Or can Huck be of help to contain her sanity and sociopathic tendencies? Well, Shonda doesn't seem worried for Katie Lowe's character -- she's actually more worried for her colleagues. What?!

Rhimes explained on TV Guide, "She (Quinn) discovered that she’s far more capable than she ever thought she was and she’s rocking some new skills as far as she’s concerned, so she’s enjoying herself. Whether or not the rest of her colleagues at OPA are going to enjoy her in this way is a little bit different. Whether or not Huck is going to be in an emotional position to deal with where she is is also a question."

That's a wrap! We will be updating this post if any major Scandal scoop comes up, please do check back with us again.

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