Scandal Season 3 Premiere Spoilers: A Bribery Case Ahead, Olivia Pope's Mysterious Destination and More! -- Exclusive


Scandal season 3 finally has a premiere date! ABC will launch the juicy drama on Thursday, Oct. 3 at 10pm.

Oh, wait.. that's like two months from now! How can you possibly endure all that waiting? Here's a thought, 'how bout an advanced package of spoilers?

Below you may check out our latest Scandal season 3 exclusive coverage!

On the second season finale "White Hat's Back On", Olivia Pope's biggest nightmare had finally hit her. Her affair with the POTUS was fed to the press like an eat-all-you-can buffet. BIG SHOCKER.

No one knows yet who blew the whistle on that one, (could be Mellie or his CIA dad, Rowan) but nonetheless, it was a cliffhanger that made every Scandal fan insanely hungry for more.

On that note, Spoilers Guide has collected Scandal season 3 intel, informations and whatnots to keep your interest at its peak. From this point forward, MAJOR spoilers will be revealed. Don't say we didn't warn you..

  • On the premiere, Olivia Pope and Assoc. will be handling a bribery case of a Senator. But things get even messed-up when a staffer from the White House is accused of being his mistress. I hope you spot the connection there.
  • Meanwhile, a young and attractive reporter is determined to get intimate details on Olivia's affair with Fitz.
  • Elsewhere, Olivia Pope will be seen on board in a luxurious private jet. Where do you think she's headed? Or do you think she has been on a remote island right after the scandal broke out?

Now what are your thoughts? Sound off below!

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