‘Scandal’ Season 3 — A Sure Thing!

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March 8, 2013

scandal_2-14Hello there, worshipers of Scandal! The time has come to address the future of the juicy soap! Will the forbidden romance of Olivia and Fitz continue to thrive in season 3? Let’s get down to the nits and grits, here’s what we’ve rounded up:

As of the moment, the Kerry Washington-starring series hasn’t been picked-up yet for a third season. However, the show’s weekly performance fared on the safe side. The ratings of the second season have been relatively strong, targeting 7.68 million of total viewers with a 2.7 rating on the 18-49 demographic during its last episode outing. Therefore, if the show continually bring season highs for ABC, the chances are high for Scandal to get a third season pick-up. It is definitely a sure thing!

Scandal was nearly cancelled during its freshman run but fortunately the series was able to resuscitate. When season 2 premiered, Scandal drew 6.74 million total viewers and a 2.1 rating on the same demo.

Do you want ABC to renew Scandal for season 3?

  • Summer99

    Of course!!!!!! This is the best show on network TV hands down!!

  • Lanette

    Are you kidding? What kind of question is that? There is no better show on the tele.

  • 2bluaeryn

    I would love to see it continue into S3…but as Devil’s advocate how far can Shondra take Olitz beforee it turns all kinds of wrong? She is an excellent storyteller so it would be awesome to see where the journey would go.

  • Leelee

    HELL YES!!! ????

  • Lady D

    ABC would be insane to cancel Scandal. It is the most brilliantly written show out there. The cast is completely amazing. The episodes are deeply intricate, packed with a full range of complicated emotions and dramas. My only complaint – they need lots more episodes!!!

  • brookelin4

    There is so much history that we still don’t know. It would be a shame if they didn’t get picked up for season 3. Oh, and how could we all live without Olitz in our lives…so sexy and complicated. I look forward to it every week. This month break is killing me

  • RLong

    We need season 3. I told all my friends to watch who may of slept on this show when it firts premiered!

  • jaebird87

    YES!!!! Bring it back! This show is NOT dead! There’s no reason for it to be canceled..

  • bronye

    yes they must renew it, its the mos awesome series that i have ever watched,

  • Mikel1

    Great show except for the Olitz thing. Would love to see a third season without all the relationship crap.
    Too many shows stoop to the soap opera thing to keep an audience. Just give us more of Olivia and the team handling scandals. Build the show around their histories and current abilities to solve all the crooks (politician’s) problems. Prove to us what a great writer you really are.

  • Mikel1

    More Huck, Harrison, Quinn and Abby. Less Fitz and Cyrus…much less

  • steph


  • http://www.facebook.com/kesha.arringtonbroady Kesha Arrington-Broady

    Scandal is an exciting ride- I was hooked from the first episode. The only pro
    blem is can Shonda keep it going because the show is so addictive – I just can’t get enough.

  • NicoleRoss

    Yes please we need more

  • Melissa :)

    ABC would be disappointing a lot of people if they cancelled Scandal ! I love the show and look forward to season 3 … time can’t past fast enough for it to come back on the air !

  • RWG


  • Sonia

    Scandal is one of the best tv series I have seen in while. I look forward to it every week. ABC has my vote to continue this on.

  • Mika

    Without a Doubt ????

  • Fanmail

    Scandal can not be over. We are addicted now

  • KeepScandalAlive!

    I hate when I get into a show and then they decide to cancel it because “viewership is low”. Then they trade that in for the next TV show whose viewership is low again. It’s saddening and it makes me not want to watch TV at all. If some shows would be given an opportunity to build up a history and continuity, it more likely will draw fans. I won’t even watch a television show unless it’s passed through to the third season. I don’t want to get invested in a show if it’s not going to last.

    That said, I really enjoy Scandal and hope it does get to the third season so I can keep watching it. Otherwise, another part of my belief in watching TV will die.

  • Dillon

    omg didnt follow a series in a very long while.but then came scandal , jus one season an i was hooked……..im a scandal junkie………ABC is crazy if scandal dont get a 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 season :)

  • dillon

    one episode i meant loll

  • Mee

    I will never watch ABC again if Scandal fails to continue!

  • Bill Rowsell

    Without a Doubt !!!
    Scandal can not be over. We are addicted now.

  • Chizzle McOlitz

    “except for the Olitz thing”? That’s the daftest thing i’ve heard today. Pope+Associates is awesome at solving cases and that storyline is pretty interesting but it’s nothing compared to Olitz. They are lovers that can quite possibly never be together – and it plagues them endlessly. They’re truly in a deep, deep bottomless love. The anguish, torture, agony and torment they go through as a result of this burning love is so sweetly painful to watch because it’s raw desire and unbridled passion – it’s got us hooked. The heart-tugging emotional scenes with their arms wrapped around each other; the HOT sex so full of intense yearning; the longing in their eyes whenever they catch sight of one another. It’s all so damn addictive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cyrena.limage Cyrena Limage

    Yes!!! This show is highly addicting. I really want fits and Olivia to be together. He’s dying without her. He need to move past this electoral thing and just be with her. Oh, and new hot guy that Olivia is suppose to be dating is awesome!!! I most definitly want to see more of him. Also I want to see of Harrison is going to find someone or if Olivia and Harrison ever get together.

  • scandalshowaddict

    i wait every second for scandal to air…every second leaves you questioning the next….

  • scandalshowaddict

    I watch episodes over and over to calm myself down from the anxiety of waiting two weeks for a new episode to air. It is insane that this show is a filler… proves how most Americans are dumb because this very intelligent show is having to fight to get a third season when dumb fairy tale shows like Smallville get ten seasons way past boredom

  • http://twitter.com/nanab1234 Maureen Barry

    Have been watching Scandal as well as Nashville since they first aired and would be really disappointed either were cancelled! ABC should think twice before making such a huge mistake as they would certrainly lose a lot of their viewers – myself included!!!!!

  • jayme1329

    They better not cancel. I look forward to watching every week

  • kimberly

    YES!!!! SEASON 3! SEASON 3! SEASON 3!!!!!!! And Olivia better get “back” with Fitz!!!!

  • Purgatori

    I need season 3!!!!!!!!!! C’mon abc, renew renew renew!!!!!!!

  • lanette

    The Olitz thing as you put it, is the heart of the show so if you don’t like that part of it I respectfully suggest you move on to some of the others about to get canceled and enjoy them while you can. Though I don’t know any without their own Olitz thing going on.

  • yvetteyarde

    ohh yes with out scandal there is nothing for me to watch..

  • http://www.facebook.com/asanda.o.vokwana Asanda Omnyama Vokwana

    Bring on season 3!!!!!!!!!!

  • krista

    They have to pick it up for a third season! i am literally obsessed with this show and have got all my friends hooked! i would literally die if they didn’t bring it back. fitz and olivia’s love story is like no other that we’ve seen on tv before and WE NEED MORE!!!

  • mymy

    If they cancel scandal, i won’t watch ABC again, ever again

  • Gee Hud

    I couldn’t agree with you more. After Smallville, I stop following any serious. But now Scandal is all I want to watch.

  • Gee Hud

    You have to take us to 10 seasons.

  • http://twitter.com/jaha_knight Jaha Knight, #writer

    I’m quite sure #Scandal will be picked up for a 3rd season. Kerry Washington will be back as well. What would the show be without #Olivia Pope? You can join me on the #ScandalPodcast each Friday in iTunes.

  • Didi

    Please season 3 ! I’m from France and we don’t have this kind of serie. So ABC don’t do that to me ! It’s one of the best serie I have seen in while !

  • cate

    scandal is the best series ever plz dont cancel it

  • http://twitter.com/Amera23 Amera Baldwin

    This show is all I think about. I truly live for Thursdays and yes its embarassing but who cares! I love Olivia and Fitz (well all of the characters) but those two OMG they’re kiling me. I’ve never seen this much chemistry between 2 ppl on screen (not even Bella and Edward) in all my life. I would protest in front of ABC studios if they canceled SCANDAL!

  • princess123

    we NEED a season 3!

  • http://www.facebook.com/luther.lacy Luther Lacy

    After tonight’s episode,hell yeah!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mb.kuchiki Monalisa B Kuchiki

    i dont even understand how they are not busy filming season 3 already… I would die without my scandal fix.. and apart from that… the show is just really goooodd

  • Lili joe

    Sherly me too:
    Scandal is one of the best tv series I have seen in while. I look forward to it every week. ABC has my vote to continue this on. ABC I vote to continue this série

  • Smiley

    If ABC do not renew this amazing show they would be insane. Scandal is the number one show out now .The cast is terriffic and every week you get more intense,who can deny the passion between Fitz and Olivia. Huck gives you a a performance where you dont know what to think next. As they say they are the gladiators, Pope Associates. White House needs to watch out for Mellie she is dangerous…

  • nadia

    definately this show is awsome

  • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.overton.92 Kyle Overton

    Scandal is one of the best shows on please let it be a third and forth episode I still watch all the reruns can’t wait until Thursday to see it I even record all the episode . I am not really a tv person but I never miss scandal. What a great. Show

  • Smrkina

    Looking forward to season 3, 4, 5 and such!!! We love it in France too!!

  • Shannon Ross

    I love this series. This is the best series that I have ever experienced in my life. The write is brilliant! I have never been so in love with the mind of a writer until now. In each episode there is a message, and every time I watch an episode I feel enlightened. This show is more than just your average entertainment, it’s compelling, enovative, and down right excellent! Oh! And Kerry Washington is up for an Oscar! I have no doubts that I will see a season 3. Great job!

  • fefe

    Keep scandal going. Fantastic show!!!

  • Kinga

    We want it, we need it!
    That’s out of the question!!!

  • Labella0708

    Yes for season 3!!!!!!!!! Please oh please!!!

  • Kiara

    Questions still haven’t been asked for me.. It better be another episode

  • kekepretty

    Omgggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! They still haven’t brought it back i’m not watching anything on abc untill i see a season 3 of scandal

  • rae

    They better renew scandal; the show’s content is so rich and electrifying that I literally look forward to watching this show every Thursday. I’m always taken blown away.

  • MIRI




  • gma Betty

    The show MUST go on…….so much to learn and the cast is all fabulous. Yes, there is so much history we do not know and hopefully during this hiatus all this will come together and looking forward to this marvelous, exciting show. Can’t wait.

  • Shelly Shell

    Isn’t is sad how ALL OF US are like complete fiends for Scandal…LOL. This is the first television series I have felt like this about. It’s like a book you can’t put down. Now I know what an obsession feels like…i’m so ashamed.

  • Shelly Shell

    I agree…this is truly an addiction. Have you ever been this addicted to a television series? I haven’t…it’s sickening but I can’t get enough. I’m so curious to know how it’s going to play out. With the intensity…I’m hoping for many more seasons to come.

  • Shelly Shell

    If it went that far it would be overkill. I can see up to season 4 but no more than that. I mean what else can they cover…

  • Shelly Shell

    Ugh…you really want them to be together? I can’t stand how cocky he is about their situation. I mean I believe they are in love but he should have more respect for the White House…he does not care when and where or who sees. That’s disrespectful to her discretion as well. And even though he can’t stand Millie…he should respect the mother of his children a little better. I wish Olivia would find her a nice man so she can leave Fitz alone. And can you believe that guy is her dad? Season 3 is gonna be sooooooooo good.

  • Shelly Shell

    I AGREE…….Well maybe more Cyrus…he brings edge and you never know with him. I can do without his husband though. He’s such a “blankety blank”

  • geehud

    Well maybe 7 because they still have after the White House. :-) One of those seasons, it’s war against dad.

  • Cassi’s Law

    i live in the cayman islands and i can assure you scandal has thousands of followers here i cannot go a day with out it i watch re-runs just to fill the void in my soul without it if ABC cancells this they will be devistating alot of people we love SCANDAL!! and we want MOREEEEE!!!! bring on Olitz please!! now!!! lol

  • boogie11

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please! This show gives me life I never had.

  • Millie

    I saw a fuss on FB with everyone saying they were watching Scandal, so I had to see what it was about. Now I rave to EVERYONE I meet about the show. I absolutely love it and would boycott the network to the fullest if they removed such a suspenseful, well played out show. Keep up the good work cast and writers…looking forward to many more seasons with you. ;)

  • John Elliott

    It would suck if the best tv show was canceled it is the only show I watch. We don’t even know if Olivia lived from talking to pops. Or if Fitz is really as weak as he looked falling into the witches lap.

  • Lora


  • DK1995

    Love Scandal!!!!!! But now we have the Haves and the Have nots. LOVE BOTH SHOW

  • Wendi

    They can’t cancel Scandal it’s the Best. .
    I love it it’s got everything you want from a show .
    Where’s season 3 ABC !!!
    We in the UK are waiting !!!!!!l