Shonda Rhimes' Scandal -- Likely To Be Renewed for Season 2

Shonda Rhimes' Scandal -- Likely To Be Renewed for Season 2

Can we see more of Olivia Pope on Scandal season 2? Be the judge cause we've rounded up all the possibilities for you. Here's our exclusive take:

Scandal is an American TV series created by Shonda Rhimes for the ABC network. It premiered on April 5, 2012 with Kerry Washington as its main lead character, Olivia Pope. The pilot airing which replaced Private Practice (another series of Rhimes) on its Thursday timeslot, was watched by 7.33 million total viewers averaging a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Hence, the politically oriented drama ranked second in the timeslot. Furthermore, the first season was signed up for only a seven number of episodes, airing its first finale on May 17th.

In my opinion, the pilot airing was without a shadow of doubt a certified work of Shonda Rhimes. Using Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice as my scope of reference, I was surprised to find out that more people share the same thought as I did. In a review article from Newsday, Verne Gay bashed the show on his statement -- "All the tropes, cliches and (especially) soap conventions she has poured so generously into "Grey's" and "Private Practice" over the years have been poured right back into this Beltway potboiler."

Ofcourse, I wouldn't want to say this if I had not been an avid fan of Rhimes' work. I just thought that the characters could have been given more depth and not just the same "I'm a superhuman but I still need a man" cliche attack. Other reviews also profoundly noticed the characters' way of speaking so fast. Matt Zoller Seitz from Vulture made me laugh when he said, "The show's distinctively Rhimesian dialogue — which packs two hours' worth of exposition-laden dialogue into a one-hour time slot by HavingEverybodyDeliverTheirLinesSuperSuperSuperFastLikeAnAuctioneerSOLD!!!! and talk over each other constantly— prompted the New York Times' TV critic to spend a few hundred words comparing it to The West Wing, which, trust me, the show absolutely, positively isn't trying to be."

I couldn't agree more.

Looking at the bright side however, the show's future is looking hopeful. It has been given a "likely to be renewed" prediction from TV by the numbers on its May 1 article. TV series finale documented as well that the show has been vacillating the first and second spot on the Thursday airing.

Cliche or not, let's not forget that the good numbers is a force to be reckoned with. Looking at that kind of positive performance, odds are we will be expecting more of Shonda's fast talking "gladiator in suits" in season 2.

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