Scandal Season 2 Finale Spoilers: What’s the Emergency?!

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April 18, 2013

JEFF PERRY, KERRY WASHINGTONHere’s the scenario: Quinn and Huck go all the way into their cloak and dagger business, they get busted by the CIA director slayer and by mid-episode one of them is going to be in need of medical assistance, STAT!

You get where I’m coming from, right co-Scandal speculators? Well, if not here’s the latest I learned from E! Online:

Gird your loins, gladiators, because in the season finale, there is a situation involving EMTs. Yikes? Yikes.

Since I’ve been doing this for quite a while now, there’s nothing more fun than speculating about which character faces a sticky situation. Especially on Shonda’s realm, you’ll never know what’s gonna hit you next. Since I’ve laid down my very own version of the upcoming emergency, it’ll be way more Scandalous to hear from you guys as well!

I’ll be happy to read about your highly-conjectured theories in the comments beloved Gladiators! See ya there.

Scandal returns with an all new episode next Thursday, April 25 with S02E19 “Seven Fifty-Two”. Hit the play button for the official promo released by ABC.

  • lanette

    The emergency is Fitz (old injury) or Cyrus, (calm down before you have a heart attack!) or his lover ( time to be out of the picture) Please! Please! not Huck again. He has suffered enough. Or could it be Harrison? He is seen running after an assassin….. unless of course Olivia has a relapse. Will she need surgery!

  • lanette

    I just had another thought…What about the baby? Hummmmmm…. Mellie threatens divorce wanting to bring Fitz administration down. She is angry that he has not left Olivia’s side. Fitz at this point would love for her to do this probably…. but…in the midst of this psychological chaos something happens to the baby and the emergency crew is there … the baby needs blood or something and we find out Fitz is not the father. Mellie has had a lover all along. That would be wonderful.