Scandal Season 2 Episode 9 “Blown Away” Promo

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December 7, 2012

The killer has been exposed and now the manhunt begins in Scandal season 2 episode 9 “Blown Away”. Tune into the winter finale next Thursday on ABC.

  • Angela

    I thought “spoilers” are supposed to be leaked prior to the network airing episodes. Posting this information the same time it was released by ABC proves you lack substance and may need to consider a new career if this is your best work.

  • Mona

    Nice promo. After all of last week’s drama I’m looking forward to this episode. I probably won’t be able to watch it live because I work late at DISH on Thursdays, but I’ll catch it on my DVR. Scandal is set to auto-record on my DISH Hopper along with the other big four prime time network shows using PrimeTime Anytime, so it will be easy for me to watch the show even if I forget to set a timer. I can’t wait to see this episode, either. It looks like a great mid-season finale.