Scandal Spoilers: Mellie and VP Langston Get A Doozy Face-Off!

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December 12, 2012

When everything was in chaos after Fitz was shot, vice-president Sally Langston made a ballsy move to land on the south lawn of the White House. It was only moments after when Cyrus furiously raided her inside the oval office telling her to back-off. However, by episode’s end the veep successfully took over the president’s chair with an official oath taking graced by the Supreme Court.

How can this powertripping of Sally Langston fare for her? When everything else settles, what will be the counter-strategy of the First Lady against the person who wants to take over her husband’s throne? E! Online has covered the mighty dish in-store for us Scandal fans, check them out below!

Prepare for one doozy of a face-off: Mellie vs. Sally Langston! While the fierce matchup won’t happen in Thursday’s midseason finale, you can definitely expect the two women to butt heads big-time when the ABC drama returns in January.

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