Scandal Exclusive Spoilers: Mellie And Fitz Mocks True Love; Quinn Gets Her Bitch-Face Mode On

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March 5, 2013

images (1)Spoilers Guide has the exclusive spoilers abound on Scandal. Check out the events you don’t wanna miss, read on below.

  • In Scandal season 2 episode 18, Quinn shifts to her Olivia Pope, badass-face-mode while in the middle of a crisis. The good news? She pulled it off! Touche Quinn! 
  • On the White House, Fitz and Mellie deceives a reporter by acting out a story in the theme of “It was love at first sight” shenanigan. Bonus spoiler: Cyrus Beene is the man behind the fabricated act.

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  • Crabapple Court

    No use on making a committ. It doesn’t change a thing, just give you a chance to vent. This episode might have to do with two things. 1. POTUS re-election 2. Keep Olivia away from POTUS. Anything to keep them apart isn’t just the Olitz haters but, Shondaland’s World also. It’s funny TV Guide did this wonderful spread of OLITZ and none of this is happening on the show. So, TV Guide did the same thing this episode is dong deceiving the public.