Scandal Exclusive Spoilers: A Closer Look Into Lindsay and Jesse Before The Explosion; Plus, Scoop About “Jesse-tron”!

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November 28, 2012

Are you ready to hear about  ”Jesse-tron”? On this spoiler report of Scandal, all of you fans should gear up because we have some exciting and EXCLUSIVE spoilers to spill!

Here’s what to expect on Scandal season 2 episode 12:
(Episode title TBA)

“Jesse-tron” — this is how Lindsay Dwyer’s boyfriend, Jesse Tyler, described his multi-million dollar deal with some organization we still don’t know about. It could be something that involves the round-table meeting Olivia, Cyrus and Mellie have been attending covertly. All I can tease is that, he’s deal with the other party ended with a failed pricing negotiation.

Oh and have I forgotten? This episode is a flashback to the history of Lindsay (now Quinn Perkins) and Jesse before the explosion. Remember the recorded voicemail of Lindsay taken as evidence in season 2 episode 1 where she yells and threatens Jesse’s “skank” / co-worker Elaine?

Well, we can now expect that happening to go full-circle, or atleast be shed some light on, because on this episode Elaine and Jesse will finally be brought to life.

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Source: Spoilers Guide — Scandal