Scandal Casting Spoilers: Meet Fitz' Dad!

Scandal Casting Spoilers: Meet Fitz' Dad!

Big news Scandal followers! TV Line scooped that we are yet to meet the father of the POTUS!

Cougar Town actor, Barry Bostwick was tapped to play Pres. Fitzgerald Grant's dad. Here are the details about his character:

“Big Jerry,” as he is known, is described as both funny and overbearing, and was a political player in his day as well.

Hmmm. I'm guessing a heart-to-heart chat with his son on a hospital bed is coming our way. Whether that happens or not, what I really want, what WE are really yearning to come is for Liv and Fitz to reunite! Maybe introducing POTUS dad could be our way in! *fingers crossed*.

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