Saving Hope Episode 9 “Bea, Again” Guide

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August 9, 2012

When the Olympics wrap-up, we return to a brand new episode of Saving Hope on Thursday, August 16, titled “Bea, Again”. And we pick up right, were we left off:

  • With Charlie (Michael Shanks) removed from his ventilator, all he and Alex(Erica Durance) can do is wait and ask themselves ”is this really it?”
  • A patient comes in for a routine follow-up, her new symptoms could lead Alex and Charlie to making a discovery about Charlie’s coma.
  • Joel (Daniel Gillies) cannot operate after breaking his hand, and Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) and Gavin (Kristopher Turner) deal with the aftermath of their kiss.

Be sure to check out these photos for more spoilers!