Season 1 Episode 10 episode 10

Saving Hope Episode 10 "A New Beginning " Guide and Promo Photos

On Thursday, August 23 at 9/est , we return to the halls of Toronto's Hope-Zion Hospital for Saving Hope's episode 10 "A New Beginning".

  • Joel (Daniel Gilles) gets cold feet in the OR, Kinney (Wendy Crewson) takes him with her on a Continuing Medical Education assignment in her hometown to help clear his head.
  • During their field trip, a woman gets pinned underneath a truck and Joel and Kinney lead the rescue effort.
  • Meanwhile, Charlie (Michael Shanks) meets a newly deceased therapist who suspects it’s an emotional block that is keeping him in his coma.
  • Encouraged by Charlie breathing on his own, Alex (Erica Durance) continues her rounds and diagnoses a fitness buff with a rare condition.