Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 3 “Different, Not Better” Guide

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June 10, 2013

Here’s the official guide of Rookie Blue season 4 episode 3 “Different, Not Better”. This episode airs on Thursday, June 27th on ABC.

  • Andy and Officer Marlo Cruz, Swarek’s new girlfriend, butt heads on their first patrol together.
  • Their different ways of handling the job are put to the test when they confront an emotionally disturbed woman who is losing control – and explode when one of them is forced to make a crucial life-saving decision to pull the trigger.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of 15 Division is hunting down an armed burglar with a novel MO after a string of ATM robberies.
  • Dov is forced to work with new rookie Chloe Price after their indiscreet first encounter.

Source: ABC