Season 2 Episode 2 Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks

Riverdale Spoilers: EP talks level of violence in season 2

Riverdale Spoilers: EP talks level of violence in season 2

Riverdale's season 2 premiere revealed that there's a new killer on the loose. And his first victim is no other than Archie's former flame, Ms. Grundy.

Speaking with Variety, creator/showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa addressed how the new mystery will set the level of violence of the season moving forward. 


Read the EP's comment below: 

That cliffhanger hopefully is indicative of what is to come.

It’ll never become a slasher movie. It’ll never become a gore-fest, but there’s definitely sudden acts of shocking violence. It’s about our characters living with that constant threat and fear.

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On how Hiram Lodge’s return will shake up the show:

We spent all of Season 1 setting up Hiram as this really dark, threatening character. A little bit like the godfather of Riverdale. He definitely has a secret agenda that nobody knows, except maybe [his wife] Hermione [Marisol Nichols].

Definitely his return will affect Veronica the most. It will affect Archie because he’s dating Veronica. He’s definitely a dark force in the series now, as well.

On whether other secondary characters are getting more screen time this season:

We’re going to be seeing a lot of Kevin and Josie [Ashleigh Murray]. Kevin last season was a really fun, positive, funny, optimistic character.

This year, in keeping with our darker themes, we’re going to be exploring his darkness a little bit – even the dark side of his romantic life.


One of his best friendships is with Betty [Lili Reinhart]. We meet them together in the pilot, and we’re going to see them in conflict this season.

The other character we’re going to explore more is Josie. Josie, last year, was pretty much all focused on the Pussycats. This year she’s going to be much more part of the gang. We’re actually going to see her friendship with Cheryl [Madelaine Petsch], which is something we only referenced. We’re going to see some turmoil with the Pussycats. We’re going to see more about her relationship with her mother. We’re going to see more of Kevin’s relationship with his father.

On Polly's presence in season 2: 

Yes, you can expect to see Polly. I have no comment about the babies.


On Bughead's orbit, meanwhile, here's what Cole Sprouse offered about the couple moving forward: 


Jughead is now away from the north side, away from his friends and Betty. He's immersing himself within a world that's dangerous. It's making him question if he wants to bring his dangerous life to the north side of Riverdale and involve this new side of himself. It's a big issue for him. He's constantly going back and forth as to whether the always optimistic Betty can actually survive in this kind of world or next to him, alongside him. He ends up feeling this protection for these characters that I think later on you'll come to learn will harm the relationships between him and his friends.


The actor also teased what to expect from Jughead's relationship with Toni Topaz: 

I think she and some of the other Serpents are all invested in Jughead's survival. They all understand Jughead's situation. I think Toni and some of the other Serpents have different ways of showing how they want him to survive or helping him, but Toni specifically, welcomes him into Serpent life with open arms, which is something Jughead is totally not used to. We don't know Toni's full agenda right off the bat but we know that Toni and Jughead are kindred spirits. They are very much the same kind of person. She eventually is his peer advisor for the school and ends up becoming his first friend that he really makes out on the south side.


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Source: Variety, TV Guide