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Season 3 Episode 7

The Man in Black

Air Date: 12/05/2018

Fearful that he will be caught, Archie hits the road and ends up at a farm outside Riverdale, where he meets Laurie Lake...

Season 3 Episode 6


Air Date: 11/28/2018

After confronting the parents, who were part of “The Midnight Club” twenty-five years ago, Betty follows some strong leads in hopes of finding out who the true Gargoyle King is....

Season 3 Episode 5

The Great Escape

Air Date: 11/14/2018

After weeks go by with no contact from Archie, Veronica devises a dangerous plan to break him out of juvie....

Season 3 Episode 4

The Midnight Club

Air Date: 11/07/2018

When Betty confronts Alice about Gryphons and Gargoyles, Alice has no choice but to come clean about how she, along with a young Fred, FP, Hermoine, Hiram, Sierra, Penelope and Tom, played the game in the early 90’s...

Season 3 Episode 3

As Above, So Below

Air Date: 10/24/2018

When a series of suspicious roadblocks threaten to delay the opening of the speakeasy, Veronica enlists the help of Cheryl, Toni, Reggie, Kevin and Josie to ensure opening night goes off without a hitch....

Season 3 Episode 2

Fortune and Men's Eyes

Air Date: 10/17/2018

After a gruesome discovery is made in the forest, Jughead and Betty team up to investigate Riverdale's latest mystery....

Season 3 Episode 1

Labor Day

Air Date: 10/10/2018

As the jury begins deliberations in his murder trial, Archie makes a surprising request about how he wants to spend his final days of summer....

Season 2 Episode 22

Brave New World (Season Finale)

Air Date: 05/16/2018

With Fred trailing in the polls, Archie steps in to lend a hand in his dad's mayoral campaign....

Season 2 Episode 21

Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

Air Date: 05/09/2018

When an incident at the Sheriff's station triggers an all-out war between the North and the Southside, Archie and Jughead find themselves in the fight of their lives....

Season 2 Episode 19


Air Date: 04/25/2018

After an incident at Riverdale High leaves the town on edge, Archie leads the charge to uncover the culprit....

Season 2 Episode 18

A Night to Remember

Air Date: 04/18/2018

As Riverdale High begins rehearsals for its upcoming production of "Carrie the Musical," the arrival of an ominous letter forces director Kevin to make a difficult decision about the show....

Season 2 Episode 16

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors

Air Date: 03/21/2018

In the aftermath of Hiram’s newly announced plans for Riverdale, Jughead resorts to drastic measures to voice his opposition....

Season 2 Episode 15

There Will Be Blood

Air Date: 03/14/2018

After learning that his dad is considering running for mayor of Riverdale, Archie begins to grow concerned that the Lodges may have found their newest pawn in Fred...

Season 2 Episode 14

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes

Air Date: 03/07/2018

When Hiram suggests that Veronica and Archie head up to their lake house for the weekend, Veronica decides to invite Betty and Jughead to join them....

Season 2 Episode 12

Chapter Twenty Five: The Wicked and the Divine

Air Date: 01/31/2018

As preparations for her confirmation ceremony get underway, Veronica becomes concerned that Archie, who’s agreed to be Hiram’s “intern,” may be learning too much about her family’s secret business dealings....

Season 2 Episode 11

Chapter Twenty Four: The Wrestler

Air Date: 01/24/2018

Amidst preparations for the town's annual Picken's Day festivities, Jughead interviews Toni's grandfather and learns some shocking details about Riverdale's history....

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