Ringer Interview With Ioan Gruffudd And Kristoffer Polaha

Ringer Interview With Ioan Gruffudd And Kristoffer Polaha

Check out these spoilers on Ioan Gruffudd (Andrew) and Kristoffer Polaha (Henry)'s characters!

Here's what Ioan Gruffudd (Andrew) tells AOL TV on Andrew's arc this season,

"I know broad strokes for my character's arc, but I can't tell you much. What I love about the pilot is that we've put all those questions out there; Andrew is a very ambiguous character, so far he's continuing to be ambiguous and I love that about playing him, the audience don't know whether this guy is just this charming British guy or whether he has this deeper and darker side. His relationship with his daughter evolves quite dramatically in episodes five and six -- I'd love to share it with you, but I can't [laughs]. But it's quite dramatic, and really adult things happen as well, which I think will keep the audiences tuning in. You're gonna feel smart watching this show, it's one of those delicious high-brow soap operas in that way."

And on Siobhan's apparent pregnancy and how Bridget will fake it, here's what he had to say,

"Now [the pregnancy] has a serious timeline, yes, so we're on episode six, how many weeks is that? Maybe by the end of the season if she's not starting to show, questions will be asked. How she gets out of this one, I don't know -- I'm intrigued!"

As for Henry's arc, Kristoffer Polaha says,

"I don't know, at a certain point he might wonder what he sees in Siobhan ... but no, he loves her. And unfortunately for my character, the moral conflict is that Henry's married to Siobhan's best friend, which is a pretty low place to start, but you do see that there is genuine affection and real tenderness there. But that is all to add to the weight of the story. He's a pretty redeemable character, and my job is to make him as likeable as can be, so we'll see. But that's what's fun for me; I just came off 'Life Unexpected' where Baze was just this big-hearted, loveable rogue who you wanted to see win but who was always losing because he was a loser, a little bit. Henry is the exact opposite, he's sharp, he's clean, he's precise, so those moments where I'm supposed to play dark, he goes dark, it's fun."

Polaha says on n the tension between Henry and Andrew as Siobhan/Bridget's two lovers,

"Tension builds between Andrew and Henry, for sure. Ringer is sort of exceeding expectations -- I will give you money if you don't think that the second episode is better than the first, it just keeps getting better and better. They've got eight different tracks and they're all interweaving really brilliantly, it's like a pyramid -- it all bears the load."