Revolution Spoilers: Who Is Safe From Tonight’s First Killing?

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October 8, 2012

Learn more about the upcoming episodes of NBC’s new hit-show Revolution.

  • The latest promo for NBC’s new drama dropped the news that one member of our motley crew won’t make it out of the episode alive. “Obviously, it’s not Charlie [Tracy Spiridakos," says executive producer David Rambo
  • "In every single cut of this episode that we've watched, there wasn't a dry eye here," Rambo says. "It's a really emotional episode. Tracy's performance is amazing. She really moved us all."
  • "As we say, no one is safe," Rambo teases. "I don't know if it's a regular thing, but it's something we're not afraid to do, because this is a brutal world and this is a world where you step on a nail and you could die."
  • However, Monday's death may not be the most surprising moment in the episode. "There is a bombshell about the family and Rachel," Rambo says. "The final moments are pretty shocking."
  • Rambo also says Monday's episodedoes include some information about why Rachel left her family, but he stopped short of saying how that plays into the shocking moment.
  • Without electricity, the survivors lost the benefits of mass communication, isolating cultures and communities from the outside world. On Monday's episode, viewers will get a look at the world outside the Monroe Republic.
  • Don't expect to Jeremy (Mark Pellegrino) to be gone for too long. "We have not seen the last of Jeremy," Rambo promised.
  • Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) is getting a promotion! The militia leader is moving up to major soon.
  • Viewers are going to be seeing much more of Neville in Episode 5 when he takes off his shirt and boxes.
  • Prepare to meet not one, but two lovely ladies in the upcoming episodes. Not only will we be meeting Neville's wife Julia (Kim Raver), but we'll also be meeting Aaron's (Zak Orth) wife Priscilla (Maureen Sebastian)
  • After the pilot, we had a few questions about life in the post-electricity world, especially as it related to modern-day fashions. Rambo points out that it's still the 21st century. "We have to be sure that even though a lot of old fashioned techniques and rituals would be adopted without the power that it doesn't look [like the 19th century],”he says. And in regards to where the survivors got their clothes: “The clothes are still Abercrombie that’s been recut and re-sewn fifteen years later because it’s really all you have,” Rambo says.
  • Rambo promises we’ll learn more about what happened with Randall and Grace — in due time.

Source: TVGuide