Revolution Spoilers: Who Is Going To Die In The Next Episode?

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October 2, 2012

Check out the new spoilers for NBC’s hit show Revolution and learn more about the future of Mark Pellegrino’s character.

  • The eviler Pellegrino is the better! This time around, he might not actually be playing the Devil, but his portrayal of evil militia commander Jeremy was more than sinister enough.
  • As quick as she was to snap on Miles (Billy Burke), Nora was just as quick to admit she had joined the rebels because of a guy. The twist? The “guy” was actually her miscarried son (talk about a Debbie Downer!). Nora then tells Charlie that if she’s ever to have a kid again she wants it born in the United States. It might just be me, but wanting an American-born child seems like a pretty flimsy reason to start a political revolution. If Jack Donaghey can get over it, why can’t Nora?
  • Forget what turned Sebastian against Miles, the real question is what turned Miles against Sebastian! Apparently, the hero of the revolution founded the very militia he’s fighting against.
  • The promo for the next episode teases that one of the rebel gang won’t make it out alive. Will Maggie not live to see her kids again? Will Nora never get the chance to have her States-born son?

Who do you think is going to die?

Source: TVGuide